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The Land Bank’s DIY Renovation Program provides qualified users and investors the opportunity to acquire foreclosed homes at a significant value.  The Land Bank acquires abandoned, tax delinquent properties with renovation potential.  Buyers agree to renovate the property for sale, lease, or occupancy.  The DIY Renovation Program stabilizes property values and restores safety and vitality to neighborhoods by transforming distressed property into affordable homes.

Buyers get built in equity, neighborhoods are revitalized and blight is busted!

Find Foreclosures on the Land Bank’s Property Listing

If you’re a citizen or investor…

The Land Bank makes it easy. The property will be listed for sale, qualified applicants make an offer and if accepted, the property will be closed in escrow until required renovations are complete.


View available Lank Bank Property by clicking on the tax foreclosure listings, or sign up for email alerts or check us out on Facebook  Does one catch your eye? To schedule a showing fill out a liability waiver form and email to the Land Bank office. Showing dates and times vary please see the property listing for details…. Please note offers are accepted for a limited time. There’s no time to waste!

To determine the renovations required, the Land Bank performs a pre-sale inspection. The Pre-Sale Inspection report notes the renovations that must be completed for the deed to be transferred. The Land Bank does not require specific materials to be used only that the deficiencies noted are remedied. The goal is that renovations result in a Warm, Dry, Safe, Clean home that meets code. A Reference Guide for Quality Standards is provided for your convenience.  

To make an offer on a Land Bank property simply complete the DIY Application Package and submit it to . All applications will be reviewed after the offer deadline. If there are multiple offers the LB reserves the right to ask for highest and best offers. Accepted offers will be notified once buyer qualifications have been verified.

To be a qualified DIY Renovation Buyer , you must…

  • Demonstrate the ability and resources to renovate it
  • Have a clean track record as a property owner
  • Commit, under a legal agreement, to bring it up code and make other improvements required by the Land Bank.

Remember: The deed is held in escrow by the Land Bank until renovations are complete.


If you represent a local government…

DIY Renovation gives a helping hand in your efforts to restore the safety, security and quality of life in your community’s neighborhoods. The program is a catalyst for revitalizing neighborhoods and stabilizing property values because it makes investment a viable option for distressed, tax-delinquent structures.

Interested in learning more? Contact us for more information 937-531-6921.

Ready to get started? Download the application from our website.